At Nutrisynapzz, strategic management is driven by a philosophy that revolves around, the four tenets:
1. Exploiting the incongruity
2. Creating uncontested Market space and new categories
3. Focussing on significant patient benefits
4. Development of people into knowledge workers.

Exploiting the incongruity.
“In the Market place, there is always a discrepancy between “what is” and “what ought to be”. We try and innovate products that exploit this incongruence. Only if our product successfully bridges this gap, we introduce it. We use contrarian thinking before we introduce any concept. Instead of asking ourselves, what will the product do if introduced, we ask ourselves, what will happen if this product is not available? If the void created is significant by it’s absence, we introduce it, otherwise we will let it pass.”

Creating uncontested market space and new categories.
“We identify untapped market space, innovate a product that is perceived as an indispensable part of a large process. Creating demand in uncontested market space fosters high and profitable growth.”

Focussing on significant patient benefits.
“We do not ask ourselves “what is the Market for this product”. Instead, we ask “what is the market for what it does to the patient?”. Fiercely focussing on significant patient benefits gives birth to highly differentiated products.”

Development of people into knowledge workers
“We strive to develop our executive, who works at making strengths productive – his own and those of others. As a knowledge worker, he works at making organisational performance comparable with his personal achievement.”