Have you seen a bird that “tries” to fly, a fish that “tries” to swim, a flower that “tries” to bloom? Unlikely. Now, have you seen companies and managers trying to innovate? Plenty.
Apples did fall a number of times from the trees, but it took Sir Issac Newton’s intuition to connect this activity and invent the law of gravity.

What is Nutrisynapzz?
Nutrisynapzz is a connection of critical activities that culminate into introducing innovative nutraceutical products that addresses the root cause of specific diseases to result in demonstrable and unique benefits to patients.

How do we achieve this?
Programmed innovation is a good way to go forward, but the ultimate goal in Nutrisynapzz is to liberate the intuitive gene in it’s people. Intuitive intelligence paves way for breakthrough ideas, innovations and products.

We in Nutri Synapzz believe, the key is not to introduce new techniques of innovation, but we encourage ways to unlock intuition.

The Indian genotype is unique, especially in intuitive intelligence, the principle being our plularity in terms of culture, religion, language and more. India, today, will not figure in any global list of innovators, yet the variety and the spread of intuitive intelligence is striking.

Our goal is to take ART success rate to the next level and demonstrate its rightful impact on people anxious to conceive.

All breakthrough inventions have happened at a subconscious level.
This is what intuition is all about.

NUTRISYNAPZZ – “Intuitively different”